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Founded by a former Singapore-practiced design architect, Rykasc Dco is a Johore based design & built professional service provider which also partnering professional engineers, designers & experienced site supervisors.We are continuously and confidently seeking gratification by satisfying clients with intense design solutions for their specific needs and difficulties.

Who We Are


This succinctly captures the essence of Rykasc.

Drawing from years of extensive experience in the building industry, Rykasc Dco and Rykasc Construction comprise a dedicated team offering personalized services to a diverse clientele. Our clients include individuals or families of high social status, successful individuals, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and business professionals, as well as style enthusiasts, premium design aficionados, luxurious design appreciators, minimalist design appreciators, and affluent yet budget-conscious renovators alike.

Founded in 2013 by a former design architect who practiced in Singapore, Rykasc Dco Sdn Bhd is a Johore-based creative design and build service provider that also consists of professional engineers, designers, experienced project managers, and seasoned site supervisors as its partners. On the other hand, Rykasc Construction Sdn Bhd, our professional construction team, excels in understanding sophisticated details and executing impeccable designs. We take pride in delivering solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs and challenges.


Rykasc Dco + Rykasc Construction: Premium Builder & Premium Renovator

In response to growing market demand, Rykasc has expanded into luxurious residential construction. Beyond premium renovations for upmarket clients, we now offer comprehensive services as a ‘Premium Builder.’ We help clients design, construct, and create their premium residences that reflect superior design quality and personal character. Additionally, we extend our expertise to assist our clients in their business ventures by constructing premium factories, premium offices, and retail spaces.

And again, they are mostly a turn-key service, the ‘one-stop’ so to speak, from design to completing the construction or renovation.

Constructing new buildings or alterations-and-additions (often referred to as ‘renovation’) is a time and effort-intensive process,” says the Chief Founder of Rykasc Group. “Client support, cooperation, and trust are crucial for progress in all projects. Additionally, we strive to reassure and provide peace of mind to our clients through our expertise and our core values throughout the process.” We encourage active client participation, aiming to facilitate their involvement while minimizing their time commitment and burden, which has consistently led to exceptional results.

With our keen eye for design, attention to detail, commitment to quality, and cost optimization, Rykasc proudly stands as a ‘Premium Design Company’, ‘Premium Builder’, and ‘Premium Renovation Service Provider’. We help our clients achieve their dreams and enhance their brand identity through their spaces.

“Clients are satisfied. We feel great!”


Rykasc Dco: Philosophy and Direction

While construction is merely the process of bringing a design to fruition, at Rykasc Dco, we believe that the core essence lies in the design itself. Our focus is on generating high-quality design outcomes shaped by our design philosophy and unique character.

Flexibility, contemporaneity, and minimalism are the cornerstones of Rykasc Dco’s ethos. We approach each project with a commitment to crafting harmonious design solutions that cater to the essential needs of users + spaces + time. Drawing from our experience in the internationalized Singapore market, we offer our clients a wide range of design and build options.

Over the years, Rykasc Dco has successfully executed projects spanning residential and commercial sectors, demonstrating a keen understanding of architectural and design principles. As we continue to expand into new sectors, our dedication to passion and service excellence remains unwavering.

With visionary leadership at the helm, Rykasc Dco is committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new design solutions. We remain at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that we deliver optimized solutions and superior quality to clients worldwide, thereby positively impacting more lives.


chief founder, yeoh

B. Arch, First Class Hons, Best Designer, FAB, UTM, Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia Academic Award.
Former Singapore-practiced design architect who had involvement in various architectural projects and interior designs including high-end bungalows such as Jervois Hill, contemporary residential, institutional, commercial buildings, and more. Experienced in project management that covers site coordination and inspection. Believes in design flexibility & contemporary, and skillful in design interpretation from their concepts to outcomes.

Experience overview: Design & project architect of aKTa, AT-II architects, COO of a new-media Shanghai co, experienceer & design manager of a Singapore IT co.

co-founder, sharon

B. Eng, First Class Hons, UTM
Former design engineer manager of a structural specialist company Utracon Structural Systems SB who had involvement in various projects including Tebrau Tesco, Plentong Tesco, KSL Shopping Mall, and more. Her daring approach of interior designing combining with knowledge of structural engineering always enables her to generate more options of design proposal for a single design parameter.

Experience overview: Design engineer manager USSM, graphic designer, interior designer

co-founder, chan

B. Eng(civil), NUS
Former Malaysia’s director for Utracon Structural Systems SB, a structural specialist company. Projects involved includes Singapore Airport Road 2km bridge viaduct (Deputy Project Manager); Kranji Sewage Treatment Plant Egg Digesters structure (Engineer); Tebrau City Jusco(Engineer); KIP Mart carpark structure(Engineer), Segamat Giant Hypermarket(Engineer). ​

Experience overview: Director USSM

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